An Exercise In Îanolabâ

Such as it is, my first post. Though I thought I’d never do it again, I’ve created a personal space to say what I surmise is worth saying on my part. Doubtlessly, I was hesitant about doing so. It is not uncommon through blogs like this that folks end up shooting themselves in the foot. However, for my own sake, it’s the exercise in îanolabâ that I need.

Thus bearing the question to those outside of my custom perhaps:

“What does the word ‘îanolabâ’ mean?”

To put it simply, it means “just, right, correct speech”. As such it is directly tied to Ogmios, known for His eloquence. Ogmios holds the position of divine ancestor of the Galatîs. Insofar as my people at Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG) reckon.  Therefore, an appreciation of îanolabâ and the desire to strive for it is essential. Words are incredibly powerful and important. Effective use of speech can be stronger than a weapon.

With that knowledge, it’s a îanos, in another usage, virtue that cannot be understated. For myself, it is one I struggle with greatly. Îanolabâ opens the door to right action and when one fails to uphold it, can lead to much more work to fix. A misspoken statement can do as much damage as an intentional barb when used in the wrong time or place. This is a lesson I’ve learned over time.

And so I open this blog up to the world. I can only hope that through this kind of exposure therapy, that I can choose the right words to say. Ones that will be pleasing to both my fellow Galatîs, and the Dêuoi we honour.

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