Subutâ, Ðironâ! Uepoi Uisonnalitou.

I’ve been quite eager to speak again. In fact, there are at least three articles in the works at the moment. Those will have to wait, because on each îuos (holiday) I want to make a point of talking to you all. The coming îuos is Uisonnalitus. A day for Ðironâ, and the welcoming of renewal at this time of year. (The “Д making a “ts” sound as far as I reckon.)

Ðironâ heals and renews. Something much needed in my own life as I’m no stranger to the occasional wave of depression. Recently I’ve encountered one and without a doubt it can make it difficult to get into the spirit of any îuos. The thing I have found in my own life is that the less excitement I have about an îuos, the more I needed it. It’s very easy in a world of atomisation, where everything seems to be commodified to feel disconnected. While on one hand, when you have the money everything is made just for you on the other, it’s such a lonely existence.

Uisonnalitus offers specifically such a chance for that renewal that I so desperately crave. That reconnection. While it’s tempting to just say “Hey, you can do a rite anytime. Why wait?” and this is technically true — there’s something special about the right thing at the right moment. After all, time wasn’t made for me any more than anyone else. I’m a part of Assus, (Go ahead and titter) the order of things, I do not dictate it. It doesn’t bend to my will. How dangerous a thing it would be if it did!

So as a Galatis, I let the Cingos Amnanês (time’s march) carry me along its seasons and cycles. As life in the Western world seeks to uproot and pull me away as it does us all, there are those îuoi on that old calendar that pull me back. Even with the reluctance I occasionally have at first, that initial reticence, I find my way home. I remember who I am. I hope it does for you too.

I’ll be off today looking to paint eggs and get the AA batteries for my light up star. Shake off those nerves that in the over past year of hosting parties on Discord’s Gaulchat server always find their way back to me. Then prepare that meal that comes with an îuos such as this, and join my fellows in welcoming Ðironâ and Her blessings. That awaited renewal She grants after the cold winter.

It seems in fact that the Sequanni people, or whomever made that treasured Coligny Calendar… And the people who helped place Uisonnalitus on the day it is, those in our community who helped myself and several others; that combination of an ancient calendar and a contemporary Galatis community — unwitting as they may have been, have given me exactly what I needed. I thank them. More importantly however, as on all îuoi, I invite the reader to join us in this welcoming and renewal that Ðironâ brings.

Molamos Ðironan!

Uisonnalitun dagon suos!

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