Uepoi Cintusamû

Cintusamos has arrived! On each of the Îuoi, I like to reflect a bit on my life and how it relates to the meaning of the îuos in question. Cintusamos means the start of summer. Right on cue, the temperature is starting to go up. I find myself caught up in the rush of the incoming season.

It’s the time in which Nantosueltâ returns, bringing life to the valleys. Living in a large valley myself, I can’t help but notice Her presence. While I certainly cannot see Her form, I can see what She is giving. Like a great procession that leaves flowers in its wake. Perhaps folks might call it the Cingos Nantosueltiâs. I do. Though perhaps my sense of awe is interrupted by the seasonal allergies I experience.

Then there is Sucellos, who works the newfound growth of the land that He guards between worlds. From them the sweet wines and juices characteristic of the lively weather. Living with in the labours that produce them and the well earned reward of them. While I’m no uatis, I concede that it sounds like the description of the runâs Branos. The grapevine wrapped around the fence, bringing security and joy to the people of the homestead. I suppose it at least sounds like a good reading.

Adbiuos is spent preparing, and Uisonnalitus to welcome the change in weather. Cintusamos is the start of the action. To do that which is enabled by those earlier preparations, and to act on the knowledge of the returning summer which was foretold on Uisonnalitus. To think that it means action I admit makes me uneasy.

You see, I spent much of the winter preparing too. I never know whether or not it was enough, but that doesn’t affect the change of the season. Sometimes we aren’t ready and we have to make do with what we have. Being fully vaccinated, and emerging from my comfortable hermitude it does make me wonder if I’m ready to engage in the activities of this time of year.

After all, the seasons ask different things of us. Samos and Giamos in their naturally contradictory natures do this every year. In giamê, I take advantage of the inclement weather to work on all manner of projects to help contribute to this vision of Galatibessus. In samê, that leaves me with time to explore the results of projects and apply them.

While trying to do this is always an issue for me so early on in the season, and with so many things remaining unfinished, I hope to pull off the dual tasks of continuing those works. Along with the appreciation of the world around me in this changing time of year. As we begin our rites to Sucellos and Nantosueltâ, I hope your efforts are yielding dividends and that you too can find time to enjoy the world around you.

Cintusamon dagon suos!

To those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, Cintugiamon dagon suos. May the fruits of the harvest fill you through giamos.

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