Diios Nouiogalation etic Atebiuos

Today is 9 Samoni. This is the anniversary of Bessus Nouiogalation. We have survived our first year! This fills me both with gratitude to those who have either joined us or supported us, and to those who have found at least parts of what we’ve developed compelling enough to do. That people have, I know fills me with great joy. Just as well, more people have been participating in Galatibessus which is a greater joy still.

While Diios Nouiogalation is the birthday of Bessus Nouiogalation, it also reminds me of the Gaulish revival as a whole. Orgs like Toutâ Galation, fellow traditions like Sepanioi Rotî and Mantalon Bolgon, Neodruid groups that also have an interest, and the efforts of scholars (albeit likely unintended) that all contribute to the massive undertaking in their own ways. All involved in the Atebiuos Galaticos (Gaulish revival) in one way or another. For which BNG also plays a part. There are more groups and people involved than I could readily or easily name.

For myself, the impact of all of these things has given me a sense of purpose that I’d otherwise not had. Goals that I can continue to strive for, for quite literally the rest of my life. Should I not be so lucky as to break the Cantos Biuon (cycle of lives, reincarnations), I should hope that in my next life uer Litauî, I’ll be a part of this all over again. That I’ll be a Galatis so long as there is a Bitus.

It is my wish that this is the first in an infinite number of these days. May the Materês continue to bless these Diioi Nouiogalation.

Diion Nouiogalation dagon suos!

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